Within the scope of providing complex services for CHEMOSVIT Group companies, we provide the collection of waste prior to its further evaluation or disposal:

  • In our own facilities (plastics – NsO R3)
  • In waste collection facilities: (paper, paper packaging, ferrous and non-ferrous metals and packages from them, discharged light sources, electrical waste and other solid and liquid wastes – NsO R12, R13, D15)
  • We also provide some of these services to external companies and organizations

We also offer the purchase of plastic waste from external companies. We mainly buy PP, PE, ABS, PS meeting the following parameters:

  1. waste arising from industrial production, homogeneous
  2. unpolluted, must not contain paper, wood, iron etc.
  3. it must be properly packaged and handleable

The waste prepared in such a way is then subjected to testing and bidding. If the conditions are accepted by both parties, a purchase contract will be concluded.

Contact person:

Tel.: +421 52 715 2685
Mob: +421 905 562 748